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This was my wallpaper February and March 2010 while I was looking for my new Challenger. I had my sister Photoshop it into an SE and cut $15,000 from my budget.


In mid-February, I went to a used car lot about 15 miles south of town because I found a 2010 Torred SE on their lot while searching the Internet.  They had two, a black one and the red.  They were both base vehicles and the guy was asking $24 something for the red one with 17k miles on it.  It must have been a rental since it didn't have one option on it.  I told the guy the window sticker on a new one is $23,900 plus change and you should have seen his jaw drop when I brought it up on his computer screen.  Needless to say, I walked.  I was looking for leather and a sunroof anyway. 

On March 20, 2010, I visited my local Dodge dealer and looked at a red R/T Classic that he had out on his lot, but it had a 6 speed manual transmission and was listed at $39,100.  It was about $9,000 over what I was expecting to pay for a car.  And, I was thinking that maybe I was getting too old to have a shifter for a daily driver.  Had the car been washed recently so it popped in the sunlight, and had the salesman waited until I got off the phone, I just might have talked to him and perhaps he could have worked up a deal.  I'll never know.

Now that I have been modding my car for the past year and a half trying to make it look like an R/T, my wife repeatedly tells me, "Why don't you just go out and buy an R/T and get it over with."  Truthfully, I don't think I really need a Hemi to go across town at 25 - 30 miles per hour.  The V6 is so powerful for street driving, I can be exceeding the speed limit by the time I get to the end of the freeway ramp with little effort.  I figure I am doing just fine with my SE.

So I get home a little before noon and tell the wife if she wants to drive to the dealer about 20 miles north of town to see a silver SE; sunroof, but no leather.  There is a red one down in Milwaukee, a little over an hour away, set up the exact way I want it.  To my surprise, she says, "You don't want another silver car.  Let's go see the red one."  Then she says, "We better clean out my car just in case we trade it in."  I guess that was even a bigger surprise.  We both had Chrysler Sebring convertibles.  Hers was a silver 2001 and mine was a gold 2002.  She had 74,000 on hers and it needed some front end work.  Mine was just shy of 50,000 and was in better shape.  So, we decided that we would stick the repair work into a new car and trade the silver one.


By 4 p.m. the salesman was drilling a couple of holes in the front fascia of my new 2010 Torred Challenger.  Why do I have to be so law abiding?  He eve asked me before he started drilling, but it was late and I didn't want to fight any LEO over a plate issue that the legislature even tried to remove, but folded to law enforcement lobbyists. :-(  Guess you know how I feel.  Had I gambled and waited, by summer I was on and saw this was a hot topic which could be remedied with a $50 Hide a Plate that fastens under the chin spoiler and leave the integrity of the front bumper.  Grrrrr.


Sunday morning the sun was out and look what was in my driveway.  One month later I searched the web for Challenger forums and found Challengertalk and I was off to the races.  The first reply was, "Welcome aboard, Walnetto.  Watch out for forum as it can get expensive with mods.  How right they were.  But, in the long run, I wanted all the R/T options (except the Hemi), so I guess I would have spent the money anyway if I would have purchased the R/T in town.  My wife adds, "Look at all the fun you had working on your car installing all those parts."


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